Close to Disney! Only 5.7 miles to the Main Gate! Stay in this luxurious Lindfields Villa.

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The following terms and conditions shall apply to any rental period booked whether direct through the owners, their agents or any third party.

No changes to these conditions shall be permitted by the owners or agent. Any breach of the terms of conditions by any renter, whether by omission, error or whichever other means, shall be regarded as a breach of contract and the renter shall be required to quit the premises forthwith with no refund of any outstanding balance of the cost of the holiday and the forfeiture of any security deposit paid.

All rental properties are licensed as hotels under the laws of Florida and are therefore under the jurisdiction of the Department of Business and Professional Regulations (DBPR).


This Villa is a totally pet-free villa, having due consideration to any potential for damage, or risk of illness or allergies to subsequent guests. Under the State Hotel License, pets should not be accepted and if pets are found in the villa by the management company or their representative they will be removed from the property by the Sheriffs Department. The security deposit will be forfeited and guests may be required to vacate the property with no refund on rental monies.

Similarly, the villa is subject to the ‘No Smoking’ rules governing hotels. You may smoke around the pool deck but NOT in the garage. The Villa is fitted with smoke detectors which will activate if guests attempt to smoke anywhere in the home. These detectors shall not be tampered with or disarmed in any way. Maintenance for these alarms can only be carried out by our Property Management Company.

Babysitting AS this is a property that has a pool please note that Florida Law does not allow any children under the age of 18 to be left alone in the house, please abide by this ruling.

Pools The villa is fitted pool door alarms. These are a legal requirement under Florida law 515.33 and shall not be tampered with in any way. Tampering is a misdemeanour of the second degree, with a $5,000.00 fine or one year’s incarceration. It will also result in the loss of the security deposit IN FULL.

The Department of Business Professional Regulations have outlawed the use of charcoal BBQs in rental properties. We do provide details of a hire company for a gas BBQ which is stored on the pool deck. However, such use MUST be outside the pool deck, with the BBQ being returned to the pool deck in a clean condition after its use. Any person found having acquired a charcoal BBQ that has not been permanently fitted and inspected by the Management Company; or found to have purchased lighter liquid and stored it within the confines of the property, will be in breach of State law and, in consequence, Sunshine Villa’s owners terms and conditions, resulting in the loss of security deposit and requirement to quit the property forthwith.

Household waste/garbage. The local Home Owner’s Association (HOA) has a legal responsibility to reduce the risk of vermin in the sub-division, which is usually exacerbated by renters failing to deal with household waste and garbage as described within the Villa Information folder. The HOA is empowered to issue fines for any non-compliance or failure to deal correctly, which is a guest responsibility and not the owners or Management Company. Household waste and garbage must be placed out on the appropriate days and in the manner described in the Villa Information folder. Any non-compliance will also be regarded as a breach of the Villa’s owners’ terms and conditions, resulting in the loss of security deposit and requirement to quit the property forthwith.

No renter or his/her guest shall act inappropriately in any way to the annoyance of the community/Sub Division. No renter or his/her guest shall cause any loss or damage to the owners’ property through any deliberate act or omission. Any accidental damage shall be made good by the renter before departure or reported immediately to our Management Company in order that the matter may be dealt with.

PAYMENT: The deposit will secure your reservation. Where a deposit has been paid, the balance must be paid 10 weeks prior to departure or the booking will be void and the cancellation charges below will apply. Where a booking is made within 10 weeks of departure, the full payment must accompany the booking form. No reminders will be sent except for the balance due date with the receipt of the booking form and deposit.

Payment for the booking shall be by way of BACs, cheque (UK)/check (US), or through Paypal (4% fee for paypal charges). A non-refundable deposit of GBP 300/USD 500  shall be paid at the time of booking, this acts as your security deposit. The security deposit shall be returned to the renter 28 days after their departure and upon a satisfactory inspection by the Management Company.

DEPOSIT: Reservation deposit of £300/$500 and the completion of a Booking Form confirms the acceptance of our Terms and Conditions on behalf of all persons for whom the accommodation is booked. This deposit is non-refundable. A telephone booking will be held for 7 days. Each booking will be confirmed in writing by ourselves as soon as possible. If a booking is not accepted, any monies will be refunded.

SECURITY DEPOSIT: A £300/$500 refundable deposit must be paid with the balance and will be refunded in full 4 weeks after your return date, provided no damage is caused to the property or owners belongings. All damages must be reported and paid for prior to vacating the premises. Failure to report any damage will result in the loss of all or part of the Deposit.

CANCELLATION CHARGES: This must be carried out in writing by the party leader as soon as possible. In the event of your cancelling, the following charges will apply:- Up to two months prior to departure - deposit only. Two months or less to departure - 100 % of rental.

NB. In the event of a cancellation by the owner’s, a full refund or alternative accommodation will be provided, whichever is appropriate.

INSURANCE: When signing the booking form please ensure that you are adequately covered by insurance. It is a condition of booking that you and your party have full insurance cover which offers maximum protection against cancellation, medical expenses, travel etc.

CONTRACT: Signature of the booking form constitutes acceptance of a contract on these terms subject to English & U.S. law and the jurisdiction of the courts.

SIGNATORY: The person signing the booking form signs on his/her behalf and on behalf of every other person using the accommodation. The Signatory must be over 21. All correspondence will be addressed to this person.

REGISTRATION OF GUESTS: The property cannot be sub-let or shared. The party must be exactly as stated on the booking form. Any breach will result in immediate curtailment of rental and no refunds will be made. Fire Regulations permit only the correct number of occupants. Sorry, no all male or female parties. Regret no pets. Changes and amendments to reservations will be accepted at the discretion of the owner and in accordance with these conditions of reservation.

ACCOMMODATION: Is reserved in the name of the party leader and for guests shown on the booking form named at the time of booking. No other parties can be accommodated without prior permission, and if such a breach occurs, this may result in the booking being cancelled without refund as it could lead to the loss of our hotel licence. Where the addition can be accommodated an additional £50 per week per person will be payable in advance The home has a swimming pool and the owners or their agents cannot be held responsible for any loss or injury, however caused as a result of use of the pool. We therefore strongly recommend that unsupervised children not be allowed to use the pool or enter the home with wet costumes, as chlorine will damage carpets and furnishings.

ARRIVAL/DEPARTURE: Will be after 4p.m. local time unless agreed otherwise in writing. This is to allow a thorough cleaning of the home to be carried out following the departure of previous guests. To allow for this, departure must be no later than 10a.m. unless agreed locally with the property managers, who if there are no incoming guests, will try their best to accommodate you.

OBLIGATIONS: Guests should treat the property with respect and leave the home in a clean condition. Breakages, loss or damage will be charged. Nothing should be allowed to interfere with the quiet or comfort of other residents. It is unacceptable for the Management Company to attend after a guest has vacated the property to find all the towels and linens have been used and a washing and drying process not started, especially in the case of back-to-back bookings. Should this situation occur, the Management Company would be obliged to undertake an external wash at a laundry and re-charge this against the security deposit.

A pool blanket is provided but not required to be placed over the pool during the summer months. Pool blankets do not heat the pool in any way and could have an adverse reaction with the cleaning chemicals placed in the pool. Blankets are only normally required from late October through April, although advice may be sought from the Management Company. Once the blankets are removed for the summer, they are cleaned by the Management Company and placed in the garage. Should they be removed without approval by a guest and require cleaning again, a cleaning charge will be levied by the Pool Company which will set against the security deposit.

MANAGEMENT AGENT: Should you need any help or if you have any problem with the property during your stay, please contact Remington Property Management. We, as owners, reserve the right to enter the home or property if necessary during your stay for example for home or pool maintenance (this normally would be by the Management Company). Should there be cause to call out the Management Company to unblock toilets, they will levy a charge against the security deposit unless the blockage is in the mains drain due to other reasons, which will be determined by the contractor used to clear the drain.

COMPLAINTS: Should there be any cause for complaint whilst in Florida, the Management Company must be notified immediately. No complaints will be entertained after the guests departure. Any complaints must be addressed whilst the guests are in Florida to give the agents a chance to rectify or address any issues. We will not be responsible for any loss suffered in the event of the villa being left insecure when unoccupied, so please ensure adequate insurance cover before you travel.

FORCE MAJEURE The applicants accept full responsibility for making travel arrangements to ensure their occupation of the property for the period reserved. No responsibility or liability is accepted in respect of loss or damage, or alteration to dates caused by e.g. flight delays or cancellations, weather conditions, industrial disputes, terrorist activity etc. We do not accept responsibility or liability for any accidents, injury, illness or damage to any person that is sustained during the rental period. In particular children must be supervised at all times within the pool and pool area. No diving or horseplay in the pool. No glass to be taken to the pool deck. In the very unlikely event of our being unable to carry out a booking, the owner will make every effort to obtain alternative accommodation or make a full refund of any monies paid. No further compensation will be paid.

PRIVACY POLICY We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties.


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